Who's Who in KoRn's Backup Band

KoRn's backup band
KoRn may still be a four piece band due to the departure of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch in February 2005, but live shows are a different story, with KoRn putting on a light and sound spectacular including four new members.

Few details about the backup band have been officially released. KoRn.Simpol.Net pieces together what little is known about KoRn's fantastic live backup band.

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  • Clint Lowery
  • Kalen Chase
  • Michael Jochum
  • Zac Baird

    Clint Lowery

    Clint Lowery
    Clint Lowery is the current secondary touring guitarist for KoRn.

    Lowery is the current guitarist for Dark New Day but claim to fame began with the alternative metal band Sevendust.

    Lowery joined KoRn in February 2007 replacing ex-Otep members Rob Patterson, who was with the band for around two years, as KoRn's touring backup guitarist.

    He immediately made his after the replacement, joining the band for an acoustic version of "Throw Me Away" on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and KROQ Breakfast With KoRn.

    Kalen Chase

    Kalen Chase
    Kalen Chase, who originates from the Los Angeles based band Illium, is the secondary vocalist but free ranges from drums/percussion/guitars/keyboards.

    Along with three other backup members, Chase joined KoRn in February 2006 for the North American leg of KoRn's "See You on the Other Side" world tour. Chase also joins KoRn on stage but wears the rabbit mask to also ovoid confusion with fans.

    Illium was formed in 2004 by guitarist/producer Peter Avveduti, and rounded out by vocalist Kalen Chase, keyboardist/ guitarist Usama Minegishi, bassist Dan Johnson, and drummer Beak Wing.

    While Kalen Chase continues his backing vocalist duties with KoRn, the band is finishing work on its debut record, slated for an autumn 2006 release.

    Michael Jochum

    Michael Jochum
    Michael Jochum is also known as the "Pig" as he wears a pig mask in the backup band.

    His main jobs are drums/percussion and is the least known member of the crew. Yokum is also the drummer in the Stephen Collins & The 7th Band.

    Michael also endorses the company Factory Metal Percussion who, on their offical site, credit Michael for using thier products during KoRn's exclusive AOL Acoustic Sessions.

    Zac Baird

    Zac Baird
    Zac Baird is the keyboardist in KoRn's backup band and wears a horse mask.

    Zac has worked with artists from all around the music block, with credits including superstars such as Edie Brickell, Everlast, Evanescence, Colin Hay/Men @ Work, Daniel Powter, and is currently performing keyboards on tour with the band.

    Baird has been a founding member of groundbreaking underground projects Maimou, Cottonmouth TX, Billy Goat & Hairyapes BMX.

    Baird also joined the band in the studio in early October 2006 to help with the writing process of the band's eighth studio album. It marked the first time ever for KoRn to include a keyboardist.

    "He's doing really cool melodies and very ambient stuff too," Jonathan Davis told Rolling Stone Magazine.

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