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What is KoRn.Simpol.Net?
KoRn.Simpol.Net is a non-profit website based on the Californian rock band, KoRn. The website in its entirety is ran solely by fans of the band and is no way affiliated with Virgin Records, EMI Music & The Firm.

The website is a fan based site dedicated to bringing KoRn fans the latest news/rumours, multimedia and much more in the KoRn world and has been running for several years from the United Kingdom.

Can you send me multimedia?
Unfortunately, we can't. This is due to time limits and mass demand. Fans wishing to obain KoRn multimedia, inlcuding photographs, audio & video can do so right here on KoRn.Simpol.Net.

Many other fan based websites also provided a high range of KoRn multimedia.

How do I submit content?
Submitting content to be added to the KoRn.Simpol.Net website is easy. If you wish to send us anything KoRn-related, whether this may be photographs, news/rumours, audio, video, etc can be done so via this contact page.

When submitting content, please fill out the contact form above. If your content has seperate files such as audio or video, please pre-upload them to the Internet or arange a way of exchanging files with a member of our staff.

Message to the band
Please do not send any messages directly for the band or the bands management. KoRn.Simpol.Net does not have any contact with the band or its management and therefore cannot process your message.

Where has gone?
The United Kingdom fan based website recently joined forces with the KoRn.Simpol.Net website to bring a much larger and stronger United Kingdom fansite. Content from both websites will be joined together.

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  • Where has gone?


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