Tuna Town

Tuna Town
Tuna Town, a Sushi Bar and Teppan Yaki Grill, is a fantastic restaurant in the second block of Main Street, and is owned by David Silveria and his ex-wife Shannon.

It was designed by Architect Bob Thornton in David's hometown of Huntington Beach, California.

It has been the focus of much curiosity since the location was gutted and Tuna Town was born. Its minimalist, futuristic styling begins when you step inside the deep storefront filled with shining silver metal chairs, black marble-topped and accents of maroon tapestry in the seven large booths along one wall and four banquettes along another. A long curving sushi bar is to the right and at the back three teppan tables. On the walls are gold and platinum KoRn CD's and other musical memorabilia.

If exhibition cooking is your thing, there's no better place to go than to the teppan tables at Tuna Town where head chef Shane Hollinger will introduce you to teppan-yaki, the Japanese method of preparing seafood and meats on a U-shaped grill. while diners share seating and watch their entrees being prepared.

Tuna Town's hip and casually elegant atmosphere offers a variety of dining experiences for it's eclectic clientele. The sushi connoisseur with a sophisticated palate will enjoy the finest sushi delicacies prepared to satisfaction at the sushi bar, overlooking a fiber optic lit fish tank filled with live jellyfish! All in a dimly lit 'club atmosphere' with a pumping sound system playing everything from KoRn and The Used to Snoop Dogg and The Black Eyed Peas.

Silvera's Steakhouse & Lounge

Silvera's Steakhouse & Lounge
Silvera's Steakhouse & Lounge is an upcoming restaurant in Main Street, and is owned by David Silveria.

Set to open in August 2006 with partners Greg Carpenter and Shane Hollinger -- Tuna Town's general manager and executive chef, respectively -- the new 4,000-square-foot restaurant will feature high-backed booths and 1950s-era furnishings. The bar will have windows opening onto the patio and lounge, and vintage photographs of Huntington Beach on the walls.

"I didn't want to stop with a sushi bar," Silveria said. "There wasn't a high-end steak place here, so it seemed like a perfect match to start one."

The second I in David's name is silent, so he decided to drop it entirely when christening his new business venture.

The restaurant will be at Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street, above the HSS Girls shop in the spot formerly occupied by Pancho Villa's Grillm, and will sell corn-fed beef, dry-aged for three to four weeks and broiled at 1600 degrees, Hollinger said. The vegetables will be organic.

"We want to bring the healthful way of eating to Silvera's Steakhouse," said Carpenter, who worked as a chef before moving into a managerial role at Tuna Town.

"You can have the biggest place and the funnest place, but if you don't serve quality food, you are not going to be getting people in the door," he added.

The restaurant will offer more than 50 wines, as well as a wide selection of cocktails. The lounge area will feature live entertainment and dancing after dinner.

Meeschka Clothes Store

Meeschka Clothes Store
Meeschka Clothes Store is a popular top-of-the-line clothes store in Laguna Beach, California, and is owned by James "Munky" Shaffer.

Meeschka is a boutique for both sexes. Not owned just by James, it's co-owned by Michelle Cohen and her daughter Sara Silverman.

Meeschka carries Los Angeles based designers such as The Great China Wall, EVER, Jet Lag, Duarte & NYC based Red Toe Nails, just to name a few!

They have exclusive West Coast distribution for New York City based Exhibitionist Jewelry and cater to the high-end, artistic & funky customers who are not afraid to be themselves.

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    Tuna Town
    221 Main Street,
    Huntington Beach,
    California 92648

    Telephone: (714) 536 3194

    Silvera's Steakhouse & Lounge
    126 Main Street,
    Huntington Beach,
    California 92648

    Telephone: (714) 960 9300
    E-Mail: greg@silverassteakhouse.com

    219 Broadway,
    Laguna Beach,
    California 92651

    Telephone: (949) 376 2525
    E-Mail: meeschka@meeschka.com


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