Pub Talk: James Munky Shaffer

James Shaffer
"In Amsterdam you get all these porn videos like a granny pissing on a cow. I don't get it."

Hello, sir. What are you drinking?
"Beer. I like straight up Budweiser. Everybody else in the band drinks Coors Light. I hate that beer, it's like water."

What was your most extravagant drinking session?
"It would have to have been while we were recording 'Follow the Leader'. We ran up a bill of over $20,000 over four months. We charged it to the record label. They weren't happy about it. but they got a good record out of it. I've been going in and out of drinking. One month I'll drink, one month I won't. I stopped drinking once for about nine months, and then I started to drink a little bit. I've learned how to drink in moderation."

Have you ever got into a bar brawl?
"In Bakersfield, the place where we grew up, two hours outside LA. It was cowboy country. They know how to drink, and they know how to fight. I always got into fights because I always had long hair, all through school, and jocks like to fuck with people with long hair."

Do you know kung-fu?
"No. The only fighting technique I had was to run very fast."

Any personal indulgences?
"I bought a really fast boat, which I just recently sold. It was a cool-ass black boat. It was called The Bruiser. It could handle six-foot swells no problem."

Why did you sell it?
"Recently I had a baby and I wanted to put some money away for her. I wasn't using the boat. so I wanted to put some money in the bank."

Has she changed your outlook on life?
"Totally. I'm not just thinking about myself always, which I had been doing in the past. Having a family really changed things".

When does that change happen? Is it the first time you had the baby?
"No, it's a gradual change. First I was in shock. I can barely take care of myself, how am I going to take care of a baby? But eventually I started to take on fatherhood responsibilities, and start to think about the consequences of everything I do, how it's going to affect my baby girl."

James Brown
Here are Munky's five favourite pub jukebox selections.

James Brown - "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"
Sir Mixalot - "Baby Got Back"
Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir"
House of Pain - "Jump Around"
AC/DC - "Back in Black"
Have you Introduced her to music?
"She's already rocking out. Her mother plays her everything from Elton John to Sepultura, at high volumes."

Why do all little kids love heavy metal?
"I don't know Maybe it's the child-like aggression in it."

How do you deal with a bad hair day?
"Look at my hair right now, I don't deal with it. That's an aspect that I stopped being so hard on myself about. I didn't get a lot of rest last night. so fucking what?"

Your band is on a plane, flying over the mountains. It crashes into the snow, and you're the only survivor. Who would you eat first?
"Probably 'Head,' he's got a big juicy butt!"

Who would you eat out of revenge?
"I'd also go for 'Fieldy,' for the meat aspect, and the revenge aspect. Sometimes he's just really... difficult. It wouldn't be for anything specific. Picking on all the band members, maybe. He's the bully of the band."

What's the most disgusting thing you've ever seen?
"You know, I was in Amsterdam two days ago, and I have to say that the animals with the girls, that's pretty bad. I don't get it. Those videos are... man... But somebody's buying them. And then you get all those other genres and mixed-up shit. like a granny pissing on a cow or something."

What's your favorite porn movie porn title?
"Rambone was pretty funny."

David Blaine: showman or charlatan?
"I think he does it to get chicks. I'd like to go and check him out. but I'm not really big into pop culture. I heard what you Brits are doing to him, with the hot dogs and shit. and that's pretty fucking funny. I'd be waving a banner saying 'Dipshit'. He is a dick. My wife used to see him out at parties, and he was always trying to do his tricks to impress the ladies."

Is love all you need?
"Hell no. It's one thing you need, but sex is good too. A few dollars helps."

Munky was drinking in the Fitzrovia, Goodge Street, London.

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