Welch: '50 Cent is Huge Devil Force'

Brian Head Welch
Ex-KoRn guitarist releases lyrics to "A Cheap Name," which he calls "personal letter from God" to 50.

For a guy who spends most of his days extolling the virtues of heaven, Brian "Head" Welch seems hell-bent on reaching out to 50 Cent. Or at least making him really, really angry.

For the second time in as many weeks, Welch has written an open letter to the platinum-plus rapper, detailing his efforts to deliver what he calls "a personal letter from God" to him. Welch had previously explained that while on religious holiday in Israel, God told him to write a song for 50. And now he's sent over the lyrics to that song, called "A Cheap Name," which not only touch upon 50's past (most notably the 2000 shooting where he was hit nine times), but call upon him to change his ways:

"My little boy/ Bow your head in shame/ You've disgraced your father's name now/ It's time for you to lose," the lyrics read in part. "Your little toys/ Won't save you from shot 10/ Without me you will not win, no/ I swear you'll lose."

Welch explained that "A Cheap Name" was not an attack on 50, but rather a "message from God" (the last line in the song is "Love, Jesus"). And as he explained further in his letter, Welch only wants the rapper to change the way he lives his life, because, as he put it, "God told me there will be many attempts made to kill you by the enemy."

"The devil sends evil spirits into people's minds to make them want to do harmful things to... other people. For instance, some fool shooting at you to kill you," Welch wrote. "If you die, the enemy wins. If you don't come home to God, you will get killed by one of the bullets that keep coming your way. You're a huge force for the devil right now. He's going to put demons around you that tell you I'm crazy and God is for punks... to convince you that money, fame and power are the things you should worship.

"I don't know if you're supposed to live or get smoked. Only God knows the future," he continued. "Like I said, I'm just the messenger. All I know is God told me to tell you he loves you and playtime's over and it's time to come home. He said he's been with you, keeping you safe this whole time. He's the reason you took nine. Not because you're Superman."

Welch writes that he attempted to deliver his song to 50 on a recent trip to New York, but when he was unable to contact the rapper, he settled for giving his lyrics plus a letter he'd written to 50 to famed jewelry maker Jacob the Jeweler. He also concludes his open letter by extending an invite to 50 to discuss Christianity or just to snack on some popcorn.

"I invite you to call me and I'll fly out to talk with you anytime you want. I am a soldier for Christ and I will do this alone with or without you," Welch wrote. "I invite you to at least get some popcorn and sit back and watch what He does with me. Fifty, you're the best out there... you have the power to not only change history, but the chance to be God's frontline soldier."

A spokesperson for 50 Cent at Interscope Records said the rapper had no comment on Welch's song, letter or invitation.

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