Brian Head Welch Aims to Save 50 Cent

Brian Welch speaks to MTV News
Ex-KoRn guitarist calls new song "a personal letter to 50 from God".

Since he left KoRn last month to focus on Christianity, Brian "Head" Welch has delivered a sermon from the pulpit, traveled to Israel and been baptized in the Jordan River. Now he's turning his attention to saving souls — and he's decided to start with 50 Cent.

On Friday, Welch e-mailed MTV News detailing his trip to Israel, where he began working on solo material to be released under the moniker Head. One of the songs he discussed in detail was — as he described it — "a personal letter to 50 from God," which he may or may not release, depending on 50's reaction to it.

"The Big Guy speaks through me a lot when I write, and I have a song for 50 Cent I wrote in the Holy Land. I feel like it's a personal letter to 50 from God, so I'm going to give it to him personally and see what his reaction is," Welch wrote. "If it's a positive reaction and he's willing to talk to me, then I'm not gonna release it, but if the reaction is not positive, I'm going to share it with the world."

Welch said he doesn't fear retribution from 50; rather, he feels protected by the fact that he's merely acting as an emissary between God and the former Curtis Jackson.

"It's not a mean song, but it is like a loving father disciplining his son and telling him how it is — kind of like Tré's dad in the movie Boyz N the Hood," Welch continued. "There is really no way he can come back at me through music because it's not from me... it's from the Big Guy. Even 50 respects the Big Guy."

50 Cent's spokesperson at Interscope Records had no comment on the songs.

One guy Welch might have a little beef with is his former bandmate, Jonathan Davis. Last weekend, Davis posted a statement on his blog, criticizing Welch for his "false crusade." In another e-mail, Welch responded to Davis, saying he still loves his KoRn brethren, but that he was beginning to bristle at those who doubt the sincerity of his transformation.

"Sorry, Jonathan, my 'false crusade' was not the reason I left KoRn, it was what saved my life," Welch wrote. "I still love those guys to death, but if anybody trashes God, I am human and will defend Him and myself by any means necessary."

Welch's solo CD is close to being completed, and he adds that he's just finished one instrumental track called "A Letter to Dimebag," which he wrote in tribute to the late guitar legend.

"It's a guitar-solo instrumental," he explained. "I wrote it for Dimebag because he always used to tell Munky and I to put guitar solos in KoRn's music."

At press time, there was no release date for Welch's solo album, nor had he signed on with a label to distribute the record.

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