Mark of the Quad Cities, Moline, IL
Friday, 25 August, 2006

Hard rock fans at The Mark of the Quad-Cities havenít had it this good in a long, long time.

More than 6,000 of them rocked along to The Family Values Tour, a nine-hour marathon headlined by acts KoRn and Deftones, Friday afternoon and night.

This is where Iím put in a precarious position. Iím not a hard rock fan; in fact, the first thing I could tell you about KoRn is that they had a guest spot in an episode of South Park, in a Scooby-Dooish Halloween episode.

If I aired my complaints about the concert ó the music was too loud and distorted and the words were incomprehensible ó it would only solidify the application for my membership in the Old Fogies Club.

Besides, who am I to tell a couple of thousand people ó bouncing up and down in unison, thrusting their hands up in the area and banging their heads back and forth ó that they didnít have a good time on Friday night?

KoRn concluded the night with an approximately 90-minute set. Lead singer Jonathan Davis, who entered wearing.. uh, a kilt?... is a charismatic performer, holding the audience with his every move and lyric. The set included the band's current hit, "Coming Undone," as well as hits from its eight albums over the past 12 years.

A stagewide video screen was a nice complement to the stage performances, where each member of the core band as well as those backing them made good mileage around the multi-leveled stage.

Deftones, which is on a comeback leading up to an October CD release, also had a powerful lead singer in Chino Moreno. Dressed in a black tank top and shorts and white 1970s tube socks, Moreno displayed a raw emotion as he powered his way through songs.

Stone Sour ó a side project of Iowans Corey Taylor and James Root of Slipknot ó preceded them, with songs including "Through Glass," the #2 album on Billboardís mainstream rock singles chart this week. Although Taylor dropped more F-bombs than a fighter pilot, the crowd was warm to their fellow Midwesterners.

Seven other bands performed on indoor and outdoor stages, with a plethora of carnival games and merchandise tents to keep fans entertained for the long hours.

Coming soon.

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