Sleep Train Amphitheater, Sacramento, CA
Sunday, 20 August, 2006

Famous Norcal of The Family Values Tour 2006 official community forums submits us his/her review of KoRn's performance in Sacramento, California.

I went and watched some of Walls of Jericho. They are not really my music taste but I love them live. The singer, which is a girl, is amazing live! She has so much energy!

I missed Droid, but caught Bullets and Octane in middle of their set. They are not really my favorite either. They seemed like they were ripping off a7x. He was very into pleasing the crowd though and interacted alot which was cool.

After them Deadsy came up, and I had been waiting a long time to see them live. They were awesome. I was pretty much right up front in the pit for them. However, it seemed like the crowd hated them. Megan and I were the only one's really cheering. They were pretty good, they sounded good. I think they didnt have a good vibe with the crowd and it kind of showed though.

10 years were good! It was my third time seeing them and I loved it. I thought they were amazing.

It started getting packed in the pit area. KoRn came out around 21:50, they were scheduled for 21:30, but you know.

They were awesome! Jon squirted us with the hose like three or four times and it felt so good. It felt awesome when he was sparying and they started "Got the Life". It felt like you were dancing in rain!

The set list was awesome and I was really happy because they played "Thoughtless" and acoustic "Hollow Life" so we didnt have any major cuts.

The pit up front was great for the show, we were all really into it, jumping around and signing. "Wicked" was really cool, it was my second time ever seeing it live. It might have been one of the best shows for me yet and this was my 26th KoRn show!

Jon introduced Pirate, his son, and told us this was his first KoRn show. That was cool because that was the first time I really saw him.

They ended with "Blind" and shot confetti everywhere and it was just amazing! I will have to say this show was amazing and you will not want to miss it! It rocked so hard!

01. Right Now
02. Twist
03. Love Song
04. A.D.I.D.A.S.
05. Thoughtless
06. Falling Away From Me
07. Coming Undone
08. Got the Life
09. Throw Me Away
10. Shoots and Ladders
11. Wicked (Feat. Chino Moreno)
12. Politics
13. Here to Stay
14. Freak on a Leash
15. Hollow Life (Acoustic)
16. Twisted Transistor
17. Y'all Want a Single
18. Blind

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