Meet and Greets
Saturday, 05 January, 2008 06:25

According to the Korn Music Club, Korn will be doing meet and greets during their 2008 European tour. The tour will run through January and come to an end on March.

The meet and greet passes are available through January 14th until February 18th. To get passes, you must be a member of the Korn Music Website, each mamber is entitled to one pass, and must also make a request for them on Korn's official website. 10 Korn Music Club members will be choosen randomly to receive passes.

Dates of meet and greets are as follows.

1/20/08: Birmingham, UK
1/22/08: Plymouth, UK
1/23/08: Cardiff, Wales, UK
1/25/08: London, UK
1/27/08: Cologne, Germany
1/28/08: Antwerp, Belgium
1/29/08: Amsterdam, Holland
1/31/08: Copenhagen, Denmark
2/1/08: Gothenburg, Sweden
2/3/08: Oslo, Norway
2/4/08: Stockholm, Sweden
2/7/08: St. Petersburg, Russia
2/9/08: Tampere, Finland
2/10/08: Tallin, Estonia
2/11/08 Riga, Latvia
2/13/08: Warsaw, Poland
2/15/08: Berlin, Germany
2/16/08: Leipzig, Germany
2/17/08: Munich, Germany
2/19/08: Ostrava, Czech Republic
2/20/08: Vienna, Austria
2/22/08: Pordenone, Italy
2/22/08: Milan, Italy
2/24/08: Geneva, Switzerland
2/27/08: Lisbon, Portugal
2/28/08: Madrid, Spain
3/2/08: Leeds, UK
3/3/08: London, UK
3/4/08: Wolverhampton, UK

Source: KU

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