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Scuzz UK KoRn Competition
Sunday, 06 January, 2008 14:54 GMT

United Kingdom rock music television channel Scuzz have teamed up with KoRn to offer exclusive tickets to one of KoRn's upcoming UK shows this month, KoRn Underground reports.

You and a friend have the chance to grab a pair of sold out tickets to the hottest gig in town when KoRn visit the Carling Brixton Academy in London on Friday, 25 January with special guests Deathstars and Flyleaf.

Not only will you recieve tickets to the show, you'll also be taking home a signed exclusive KoRn skateboard autographed by the entire band.

For your chance to win all you have to do is answer Scuzz's simple question:

Name the KoRn frontman...

A: Jonathan Davis
B: Jonathan Clark
C: Jonathan Mavis

If you think you know the answer head over to Scuzz's official website by clicking here to enter the competition. The Competition ends Thursday, 10 Janaury and the winner will be announced accordingly.

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Saturday, 17 May, 2008 11:29 GMT
they are just THE BEST

Monday, 26 May, 2008 17:07 GMT
only one f**kin wish i have in this s**t of life
to hear their music live once in my life
hate myself for not having the chance for it

Monday, 16 June, 2008 00:33 GMT
the site is sooooooo dead...!!!!!

Thursday, 19 June, 2008 21:32 GMT
Hello? What happened to the message board and what site is everyone on now?

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